Le Education Database is GUARANTEED to a 96% accuracy
Access the education sector's contact details now!
Marketing to Schools

GUARANTEED 96% accuracy,* the Education Database gives you access to teacher names, school emails and postal addresses

Sell more to educational establishments by logging-on to the UK's only online database of teachers, schools, colleges and universities, and create your own email, postal, and tele-sales marketing campaigns.

  • 7,820 - updates in last 30 days
  • 98.56% - email address accuracy
  • 99.76% - postal address accuracy

Contact every school, college & university in the UK

287,140 teacher contacts  |  209,762 emails  |  31,098 addresses  |  31,011 telephone

7 Key facts about the database

1) 96% Guarantee: The Education Database is so accurate it is guaranteed to 96% accuracy.
Higher than any other education data supplier.
2) Buy With Confidence: Our data is so good we'll refund you double the value of any incorrect data.*
Our 96% guarantee and refund policy is more than any other education data supplier.
3) Instant Live Updates: Your online database receives live updates throughout the 12 months.
No other education data supplier will do this for you.
4) Names, Names, Names: We can provide 135,000+ named key decision makers and teachers in schools so you can personalise your marketing which can increase responses by 300%.
5) Assurance: We invest 200,000 a year and make 15,000+ updates a month to keep the data perfect.
No other education data supplier gives you this assurance.
6) Real Support: We offer free support and advice to maximise your success in the education sector. Our team of ex-teachers and marketing professionals know how to sell to schools better than anyone.
7) Trusted: Our data is used by the BBC, Man United, Sky, OCR and Edexcel exam boards and the NHS.


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Absolutely fantastic company to work with. Very good value for money, we got over 100 leads by using this email plus service.

Russell Howarth - iPlas