We make an average of 15,000 updates to the Education Database every 30 days
New teachers added daily.
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Education establishments

The most comprehensive database of UK educational establishments.


The Education Database gives you access to every school, higher and further education college and university, and state early years establishment in the UK, allowing you to access the contact details and teacher contacts in all infant, junior, middle, and primary schools, secondary, high, and grammar schools, specialist colleges, academies, independent schools, special needs schools, nurseries, early years, sure start centres, further education colleges, sixth form colleges, higher education colleges, special needs colleges, universities, centres, and pupil referral units.


The Education Database is updated daily by our Research Team so every time you log into your database the school details are as perfect as possible. Some of the data fields you can acces are:


  • School / establishment type
  • Over 287,140 named teacher contacts and job title
  • Key decision makers, SMT, Heads of Department, and general teaching staff
  • Full postal address, post towns and post codes
  • General email addresses
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • Website addresses
  • Geographical data (LEA, county, region)
  • Size of school by pupils on roll
  • Age range of pupils


Our data is so accurate that we are confident enough to not only publish our data cleansing statistics (view here) but most importantly guarantee our data accuracy.


If your data is not better than 95% accurate then we will refund you double the price of the inaccurate data that exceeds our guarantee*. Click here for more on our guarantee.


The Education Database is powered by Sprint Mail who invest over £200,000 per year in the maintenance and cleansing of the database to ensure accurate reliable data. To access the most powerful education directory in the UK contact us on 01684 297374 or info@ukeducationdatabase.org.



*Terms and conditions apply.

Database Features

1 - The Education Database is guaranteed to 96% accuracy*.

Higher than any other education data supplier.

2 - It’s so accurate we’ll refund double the value of incorrect data*.

Our guarantee and refund policy is beter than any other education data supplier.

3 - We update the database for you daily - with an avarege of 15,000 updates a month to keep it perfect!.

No other education data supplier does this.

4 - Be safe! Comply to emailing regulations by managing unsubscribes automatically within the database.
5 - Select specific marketing lists for different campaigns.


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