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Access over 287,140 named key decision makers and teachers.


The Education Database gives you access to over 287,140 named teachers across 137 different education job types within the UK education sector. Our teacher data is growing daily as our Research Team continue to sign up more contacts. Some of the different teacher types you can access are below.


Senior Management Team (SMT)

Head Teacher/Principal, Exc. Head, Deputy Heads, Assistant Heads, Bursar/Business Manager

Heads of Year & Key Stage

Heads of Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Sixth Form, Key Stage 1, 2, 3, 4

Business, Politics etc.

Heads & Teachers of Business Studies, Heads & Teachers of Economics, Heads & Teachers of Government, Heads & Teachers of Law, Heads & Teachers of Politics, Heads & Teachers of Social Science

D&T and ICT etc.

Heads & Teachers of D&T, Heads & Teachers of ICT, E-Learning Teachers

Expressive Arts & Sport.

Head of Expressive Arts Faculty, Heads & Teachers of Art, Heads & Teachers of Dance, Heads & Teachers of Drama, Heads & Teachers of Media Studies, Heads & Teachers of Music, Heads & Teachers of Sport/PE


Head of Humanities Faculty, Heads & Teachers of Geography, Heads & Teachers of History, Heads & Teachers of Psychology, Heads & Teachers of Religious Studies, Heads & Teachers of Socialogy


Head of MFL Faculty, Heads & Teachers of Arabic, Heads & Teachers of Classics, Heads & Teachers of French, Heads & Teachers of German, Heads & Teachers of Latin, Heads & Teachers of Spanish

Maths, English, Science

Head of Maths, Heads & Teachers of English, Heads & Teachers of Science, Heads & Teachers of Biology, Heads & Teachers of Chemistry, Heads & Teachers of Physics, Heads & Teachers of Spanish

Other Subjects

Head of Citizenship, Heads & Teachers of Learning & Communications, Heads & Teachers of Leisure & Tourism, Heads & Teachers of Health & Social Care, Heads & Teachers of PSHE, Heads & Teachers of Vocational Studies, Heads & Teachers of Travel & Tourism

Support Staff

Head of Careers, Exams Officer, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Head of Learning Support, Librarian, Marketing Manager, Network Manager, Office Manager, Premises/Site Manager, Reprographics, School Trip Coordinator, Secretary, SENCO, Work Experience Coordinator

Our data is so accurate that we are confident enough to not only publish our data cleansing statistics (view here) but most importantly guarantee our data accuracy.


If your data is not better than 95% accurate then we will refund you double the price of the inaccurate data that exceeds our guarantee*. Click here for more on our guarantee.


The Education Database is powered by Sprint Mail who invest over £200,000 per year in the maintenance and cleansing of the database to ensure accurate reliable data. To access the most powerful education directory in the UK contact us on 0845 643 0755 or



*Terms and conditions apply.

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Database Features

1 - The Education Database is guaranteed to 96% accuracy*.

Higher than any other education data supplier.

2 - It’s so accurate we’ll refund double the value of incorrect data*.

Our guarantee and refund policy is beter than any other education data supplier.

3 - We update the database for you daily - with an avarege of 15,000 updates a month to keep it perfect!.

No other education data supplier does this.

4 - Be safe! Comply to emailing regulations by managing unsubscribes automatically within the database.
5 - Select specific marketing lists for different campaigns.